Acrylics and Oils



Michel took reference shots of a model with the helmet on and also used another headshot as inspiration for face proportions in his pencil sketches.


Color Rough ( Actual Size )

He covered the original photo with prepared acetate and painted the colors on roughly using acrylics.



Since the deadline was looming Michel decided to speed up the transfer process. He xeroxed his sketch onto 90lb hotpress watercolor paper directly instead of slowly transferring it onto illustration board. Then he mounted the paper and used 5 thin coats of gesso to "beat back" the dark xerox lines ( they were darkened in this tutorial shot to let you see the lines better). He painted the ice with layers of watery acrylics to get vibrant colors. Flat colors and a little sponging were used for the battered red metal bar.


Acrylic Underpainting

Michel finished painting the rest of the area using acrylics to block in the colors.



He then recovered everything but the ice and bar using oils mixed with a drop of cobalt dryer and smoothly blended in the forms. To get a little better skin texture in the face he used tiny dabs of paint over the smoother layer. He then scumbled the helmet speed echos over the ice and bar. Finally a little airbrush glow over the main helmet highlight and a few "farkles" at the corners of the face plate bars.

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