Media Textures


The Dream

This was the cover of "Queen of Darkness", a sci-fi vampire novel. It won a silver award from the San Francisco Society of Illustrators and was part of the Dreams Exhibit in New York. An otherworldly feel for the face was achieved by adding natural textures to it as well as tatooing.


Face Before Alterations

The basic face was rendered in Photoshop and Painter as a separate file.


Creating Texture

Michel created a texture in acrylic, using brushes, sponges and splatter. He then scanned the artwork as a greyscale image and pasted it into a new channel in Photoshop.


Defining the Channel

Michel painted with black where he didn't want the texture to appear.


Altering Color

Going to the Select Menu, Michel loaded the channel as a selection. Now anything that was not black in that channel became something that he could play with. He went to Image / Adjust / Hue & Saturation, and by moving the sliders was able to shift the colors in the selected areas. He finally decided on a pale yellow color for the final art.

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